Sunday, 12 December 2010


I have always seen Full Circle as more of a men's brand until Asos introduced me to their funky designs. So as I am on the hunt for a new winter coat I visited the Full Circle website to see if there might be anything of my liking.

Awesome Stuff!

Like always as a bargain hunter the sale section caught my eye first and there I found the 'Velvet Bag.' Its not velvet but you know me... it only takes the V-word to make my eyes pop out, (clever technique on their behalf I must say).

Full Circle - was £60 and now reduced to £18

Love it! It can be worn as a side bag and a clutch! If I did found a gorgeous purple coat it'd look lovely.
Anyway guess what else I found (if you haven't already guessed)...

A coat called NIKITA!

I don't know if any of you watch the TV series called Nikita, though if you do you'll know how amazingly addictive it is with all of its twists and turns, it really leaves you on the edge of your seat! So this coat caught my eye because has the same name as the leading character, definately gives it the extra factor. ;D

So here it is; comes in purple and black too but I got hold of a blue picture of it only:

Full Circle £140

Its trendy and looks warm. I like the big buttons and I do need pockets in my coat. But its not at all kick-ass for the price. Nikita would'nt wear it. Even then I just had to blog about the name! Hehe

I'll give it 5/10.

Thus the hunt for the new coat continues...

Tuesday, 7 December 2010

You Can't Catch Me - I Smell Like The Ginger Bread Man

Aside from the lame title I am proud to present my latest addition to my cream collection. Tun Tun Tun!

 Simple Pleasures Ginger Bread Cream - £1.99 from TK Maxx

First and foremost it smells divine! Sweeter than gingerbread man. Its such a strong smell it could be sickening to some people. But I am a sucker for that just-baked smell, so its heaven for me. Also as you can see its a bright bottle, a bit christmassy so its all fun. Especially when you have a look at the back you learn it is just a fun gift you could buy for someone...'cause its full of rubbish!

Can you see the long list of horrible chemicals and colours following the heading of ingredients? This is why I think I will use it in minute amounts and only once in a while. However as a cream it's greasy although my hands do feel a little silky which is nice. It absorbs at an average rate and the silky feeling remains for an hour or two. Nevertheless my hands do not feel nourished and its soo gooey my lid is dirty already (and I spilt it on the duvet).

Yuck! Anyway so here is my verdict: 5/10. It gets half simply because it smells awesome, so much so that I am desperate for a way to electronically able you to cyber-smell its awesomeness. However it does what it says on the tin. No vitamins or trade-mark plants to boost the condition of your skin, just a simple pleasure of a great stink!

I feel like having a Ginger Bread Man NOW!

Sunday, 5 December 2010


Some people change their handbag every so often but I think, more than handbags, I have become immensely irregular with the creams I use.

I go through phases where some creams move to the front of my shelf and others move back. And after a shopping trip to Tk Maxx or some random cream-selling shop a new cream sends the fronties to the back.

I  force some in and out of hibernation, which means on random mornings I reach to the back of the shelf and grab an old cream, smell it and go mmmmm like its the first time we've met.  Its like another welcome-to-the-front-of-the-shelf-ceremony when I force my other half to smell it again and again.

However the last time I dug up a buried baby I smelt him and I was like eurgh! Straight in the bin with you! Cannot believe I even used you! Poor guy was organic and kept my skin clear and soft but... he smelt horrid.

I should have read the stink signs a long time ago, when I started to swear by that facial cream, a couple of people who I offered it to wrinkled their noses as soon as I turned the lid. And so here is the dreadful smelling cream...

Aloe Pura's Organic Aloe Vera Lotion - £2.99 at Grahams for 250ml

It looks like how it smells, like soggy leaves. I think Poor Mr Vera needs a wash down for his pong!

I did feel sad getting rid of him, no break up is easy especially when it causes skin break out. As my skin was itchy for a few days and withdrawal symptoms meant a few dry patches too.

Oh well, life goes on and atleast I have made some self discoveries on the way. I believe my 'taste' in creams depends on three things:

(1) Smell -  (bearing in mind my sense of smell changes too)
(2) Bottle/tub packaging - (colourful, funky, attractive)
(3) Soothes my dry/red skin - (very rarely accomplished)

Not very demanding is it?
So here is my new cream...

Body Shop's Strawberry Body Butter - £12.50 for 200ml

The Body Shop site states it is "An intensive creamy all-over body moisturiser, offering up to 24 hours moisturisation with a sweet berry fragrance. It contains moisturizing strawberry seed oil and Community Trade shea and cocoa butter."

It smells delicious and I know body butter probably means not for the face, but I use it as a facial moisturiser as well. Its very softening and hasn't given my sort of sensitive skin spots.

It's only been two weeks since we've been together but I'm loving it. However I still get an itchy feeling sometimes which could be caused by the winter cold or choc. :D

However it does make your face greasy for a while but its absorbed quickly. The smell acts as an overrider for these problems..

And my OH started using it too...

Although the price is a downfall and the tub takes up more space than the others do on my shelf, we are getting along just fine. For Now.