Friday, 26 November 2010


You know it's very confusing and frustrating business deciding what to talk about in your first blog post. It seems appropriate that I should write about my newest hand cream, or a new bag I really want, but for some peculiar reasons I am just not feeling it today.

I want need to rant. Therefore today Michael I am going to be... a big fat cow. A really mean one. Who wants to pollute the world into devastation via dangerous carbon dioxide filled farts. And I know the perfect place to start my mooaning (and parping)?!

You see, they're few things spoiling my grassy turf at the moment, all of which are stressing me out, desperately pushing me to jump in the washing machine for a spin dry. I warn you though, my rants may appear self-absorbed and very trivial. Ignore me or judge me. Are'nt blogs about letting it all out, right?

So to begin with, the education system stinks. I don't mean the pong that attacks you when you open the door of the toilet, after certain people have forgotten to use flowery air freshner. I mean landfills of rubbish the size of cities (note the use of the plural), which is not full of furniture and fridges, but loaded with rotten vegetables and excretion. I am talking about the education system as the most disgusting, revolting, vomit-enducing piece of rubbish ever.

Why? Because its pointless. Well, most of it.

We spend, as British citizens, 'under the Queen's peace', around twelve years in compulsory education. I can live with that. I can read, write and communicate with others, all thanks to my school teachers.

However, I made the mistake of committing myself to A Levels. Do you know why they are called A Levels or 'Advanced' Levels? Because, they want you to think you're better than others. That you've chosen the better option better suited for gaining a place at a top university or finding a stable job. They want you to believe that you are advanced compared to others doing BTECs and NVQs because you are writing 500-800 word essays in half an hour with 9 marks for actual knowledge shown and 16 for being 'synoptic' - (pointing out the mistakes in the research of the founders of the subject). Its ridiculous. Atleast those who choose to concentrate on one field/subject and have regular real-life application of their knowledge; their education is practical and can help them when they start to work.

The fact is, I know, I don't really learn anything. Forget anything advanced.

I make notes, memorise, practise and then write like a dog in my exam. But the knowledge is temporary and evaporates, so by the end of my two year course I will be 'gifted with' three letters (given in capitals might I add), which represent my supposed Advanced Level. But I have a barron desert for a brain to show for it. Either the education system needs serious reforming or as humans we do not learn effectively under pressure and deadlines.

I want to know the real stuff with substance and aspects of reality. So I read a little, but my brain feels like its lost the ability to soak up facts without them seeping out of my pores. I have been brain washed to wash all knowledge from my brain.

I hate to say it. But my knowledge has an expiry date.

All my life I have been taught to look concentrate on the goal of earning money, so that I can afford life and a little luxury on the way too. And education is the key to it. To a good university offer, a good job, good career, good money and supposed happiness. But who can guarantee me a job in the end? Forget that, will I even get a place at university? And with the fees rising, am I going to be paying lump sums so to then earn back lumps or more frightingly meagre amounts of money. Where is the logic in that? Is it not just a waste of money and time?

I can hear your thoughts right now. So why are you continuing to slave away for some As on your CV then? Because I don't know what else to do. No joke. I am stuck in this rut because I know if I quit, I walk away with even less of a chance of holding down a job and a possible chance of going crazy upon being stuck at home.

The education system has trapped me and the government are doing nothing but laughing at me.

And UCAS... evidence of capatalism in action. This glitch was created by a bunch of greedy people who found a niche market within the university application process that now means we are exploited into giving money to them as a 'fee' for their services. Nothing is really free in this world. That is for sure. But £21 is ridiculous money to pay for someone to forward some paper for you. It only needs five 1st class stamps. Okay, I can claim it back on EMA but my pride won't let me. It feels all so undignified to me.

I just want to enjoy my final teenage years stress-free and full of fun. Education can be fun can't it?

Anyway I think I've made my point. I think I have blown my tantrum trumpet enough because I'm getting kinda out of breath. However what do you think of the British education system? Agree with me or disagree? Why?

P.S My apologies for the rant, negativity and spelling mistakes. I promise a beauty/fashion related post will arrive eventually. :D Anyhow get used to the word-vomit. It happens to me. A lot.